News 6/2015 | A Machine Range for any Pharma application

A Machine Range for any Pharma application

Take a look at our wide range of machines,
including latest realizations,
capable to cover almost any pharma application.


Washing & Sterilizing

Vial Washing Machines, Linear and Rotary Type


External Washing Machines for decontamination,
Trolley, transfer ports,
dry-fog and many others are also
included in the range.

Sterilizing/Depyrogenation Tunnels.




Liquid/Powder Lines are designed,
developed and manufactured
to be installed under o-Rabs,
c-Rabs or Isolator conditions.


Liquid Filling Machine under Isolator

Liquid Filling&Capping

M55 Monobloc


M55 Monobloc capable to reach different
outputs and realized
for maximum flexibility on component size/type.
Highly competitive price
and extreme flexibility make this machine.

High Speed Lines


Speed achievable: up to 600 vials per minute.
Can be equipped with statistical
or 100% Check-weighing

M53 Small Batch Monobloc


M53 Small Batch is a compact Machine with reduced dimensions for vial or PFS handling. Combo machine allows handling of both vial and PFS with easy/quick change-over.

Cartridge Machine


Different Models available allowing to achieve different speeds: from 60 up to 200 p/minute.Cartridges loading/unloading by compact infeed/outfeed trays.Possibility to include SS or glass ball insertion unitPicture shows model M39K, double pitch machine, for speed up to 120 p/minute

Ophthalmic Equipment


Ophthalmic equipment from 40 to 380 pieces per minute. Dropper is applied on the first capping station and second station is dedicated to screw-cap torqueing. Machines can be installed under o-Rabs, c-Rabs or Isolators.

Nasal Spray Lines


Nasal Spray Lines capable to achieve 250 p/minute.

Nested PFS


M54 is our Model handling nested PFS. The machine can be equipped with 2 – 5 or 10 rotary filling syringes, allowing speeds up to 150 p/minute (5 filling syringes) and up to 300 p/minutes (10 filling syringes). It can be completed with Opening Bag Machine or Opening Tub Machine, as a fully automatic line.

Powder Filling&Capping



Volumetric dosing of powder by auger technology.
Model DP/1 is proper for doses from a few mg. up to 10 grams;
Model DP/2 is proper for doses from 10 grams up to 100 grams.
Auger powder lines for small
and big volumes up to 12.000 pieces per hour.
Up to four different dosing heads can be installed
on the same mechanical group


Detail of Auger doser.



Vacuum powder line up to 400 pieces
per minutes for small dosages.
This machine combines a reduced footprint with high performances.
Possibility to dose single or multiple dosages into the same vial,
and to include 100% IPC check-weighing system.

... And More...

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