Equipment for liquids, stand‐alone and complete lines for various product types (syrups, drops, vitamins, nasal spray, etc.).
IPC and statistical check‐weighing, peristaltic pumps, AISI 316L stainless steel and ceramic syringes, 100% torque control systems for screw‐caps, alu‐caps, press on caps, pumps, etc. for small vials up to 550 pcs minute.
Nasal spray lines up to 200 pcs minute.

  • M19 indexing rotating monobloc 60 pieces per minute
  • M53 indexing inline monobloc 80/ 100 pieces per minute
  • M50 continuous rotating machine 300 pieces per minute
  • M47 continuous rotating machine 400 pieces per minute
  • M52 continuous inline monobloc 600 pieces minute (small vials)

Machines speeds vary according to the types of components to be treated


Non-sterile powders, dry syrups, anti‐asthma, etc.

Equipment and lines for dosage of pharmaceutical powders in suitable ambi-ence, in particular for dosage of volumes starting from 10 grams up to 100 grams (free flowing powder, granulate, aggregates, etc).

  • DP2 stand-alone machines with 1/2/3/4 dosing heads, from 30 to 200 pcs/minute, with related separate capping machines for screw-caps and PFP.
  • DP2 monobloc machines with stations for under caps, screw-caps and PFP, with one or two dosing heads and related closing stations from 20 to 80 pcs/minute.
Equipment fed by powder loading systems IPC 100% or statistical check‐weighing