MAR offers also a wide range of technical solutions dedicated to the manufacture of monobloc machines for powders with auger dosing system and vacuum/pressure dosing system.
Sterile and non-sterile applications.
Operational speed range from 30 to 300 pcs/minute.
Suitable to be installed under oRabs, cRabs and isolator.
Powders under sterile.

Mar realizes a wide range of equipment and lines for dosage of pharmaceutical powders in sterile environment.

Equipment to be divided into two well-defined categories according to dosing system
  • Dosing unit with vacuum/pressure system
  • Dosing unit with auger system

The differentiation is mainly based on the type of powder to be dosed and its characteristics (particle size, specif-ic weight, relative density, etc.)

Vacuum/pressure dosing system
MM12P models for production speed from 20/60/120 up to 300 pcs/minute, in monobloc with embedded sealing and machines with dedicated sealer on separate unit.

Auger dosing system
DP1 models with single or double dosing heads in monobloc, for speed between 20 and 120 pcs/min.
DP1 models with up to 4 dosing heads installed on frame for filling and stopper insertion, sealing operation on dedicated sealer on separate unit, up to 200 pcs/minute speed.

IPC 100% check‐weighing available on all variants