Robotic Combo

M54 FOR TUBS/NEST COMPONENTS COMBO MACHINE Filling and Stoppering Model “M54” for PFS and Vials in NEST

Equipped with 2, 5 or 10 filling pumps. Speed range from 1.800 p/h up to 9.000/18.000 p/h proportional to components capacity/filling volumes.
Statistical check‐weighing control.
Dosing system installation at customer choice SS rotating filling. 
Pumps Ceramic rotating filling pumps Peristaltic pumps CIP SIP system on request.
Opportunity to handle PFS/vials with the same machine.
Available under different configurations:
  • Semi-automatic de bugging;
  • Manual or automatic with robot de lidding system;
  • Completely manual nest loading/unloading;
  • Automatic nest loading/unloading by mechanical arm;
  • Automatic nest loading/unloading by robot;
  • Vials De nesting for in line closing equipment in line;

Ready to accept oRabs, cRabs, isolator installation.